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3D FXs (Facial X-pression Studio)

3D Facial X-pression Studio Minimum System Requirements Software :Win98, WinMe, Win2000, WinXP, Win7 ,DirectX8.1 and above installed Hardware : P II 300MHZ, 64MB RAM and all 3D accelerator cards

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What is 3D Facial X-pression Studio.

Are you looking for a faster and most efficient way to create great looking realistic faces with expressive expressions for your illustrations, paintings or even 3D work? Look no further. 3DFXs will assist you in your quest to create that master piece you have been struggling with.


Some of the many 100 preseted faces.


If you’re interested in visualizing faces as part of your modeling workflow, or you’re an illustrator who needs a customizable guide for drawing this could be the tool that you’re looking for."

"3D Facial Expression studio allows you to quickly run through different facial features for a character design and using it as a 3d reference.

Areal True non-linear, real time blending morpher engine that will allow you to mix and match and create a variety of faces, be it Realistic, Caricatured or even Monsters and Aliens alike.

3DFXs allows you to configure almost every aspect of the human face, from the Shape of the head, the Age, Gender, Facial features like the Nose, Eyes, Brow, Chin, Jaw, Cheeks, Brow, Facial muscles etc. All this is done via an easy sliding sliders. Never the Same Face Twice!

Having mastered the human body in figure drawing is never enough untill you have mastered the human face too.

3DFXs installer comes ready with 100 expressive presets faces ready for use, on top of that you are able to load and save all the faces that you have created on your own.

Below is an example of the Steps in using the Software :

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