$15.90 1lb NONAMECLAY Oil/Wax Based Sculpting Clay

Nonameclay  Professional Sculpting Medium





Weight: 0.5 lb (14cm x 8cm x 1.4cm)
Piece: 2 (— total 1 lb —-)
Base: oil/wax
Hardness: medium
Color: gray / terracotta brown 

  • Non Toxic
  • Gentle to hand / non stick
  • Sulfur Free
  • Compatible with platinum silicone molding compound
  • Can be remelted for casting
  • Re-use indefinitely
  • Holds high detail
  • Firm in room temperature
  • Soft in hand temperature
  • Does not require special heated tools
  • Great for organic and non organic sculptures
  • Best for beginners and Professionals
  • Buy Once, Indefinitely Reusable !

*note:read Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS )before  use                                                                        

Nonameclay MSDS    

  This clay is perfect for those who loves to sculpt be it beginner or professional alike. Firm enough to be handled without smudging away details and  hard enough for molding . It is Sulfur free and safe for molding with platinum silicone compound. This clay is made of oil based wax and will not dissolve in water

It has a very low melt point and when cooled becomes very firm making it perfect for extremely tight detail and skin textures. It has a low tack, which helps keep your fingers and tools clean.

Popular amongst toy makers, product designers, model makers, car designers, interior designers, sculptors, mold makers. Great for sculpting  maquettes, busts, full size characters, portraits, creatures and monsters

Hard in room temperature and will soften at 40C – 60C when warmed. Can be soften with gentle warming in the heat oven, microwave( 3 to 4 minutes on low/defrost mode ), low heat in a electric pot , soak in warm water placed in a zip lock bag,hot  hair dryer and alcohol lamp ( do not burn on direct flame)




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Sculpting With NONAMECLAY


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