$47.97 DVD-Sculpting The Ecorche Male Figure


Learning the Human Anatomy through an in depth step by step sculpting process, from using  a 2D human Anatomy diagram as a base for Armature building , Sculpey Mixing   to the detailed sculpting of the final sculpt.

It covers important information besides just the sculpting process alone. Covering  tips,techniques and also  looking into the intricate function and physiological  form of  each muscles. Explained in a clear and concise narration.

The model is sculpted from inside out showing and exposing all the essential deep, middle and superficial muscles, revealing and demonstrating a clear and thorough relation between each muscles.

The video is indexed by parts and muscles, allowing easy navigation for viewing. This DVD will help in creating a fantastic sculpt and also understanding and mastering the Human Anatomy.

Ideal for study and ref­er­ence purposes.Perfect for learn­ing and teach­ing of all lev­els. Great for anatomy study ‚ref­er­ence for draw­ing , sculpt­ing, 3D  mod­el­ing and con­cept art work.

Artists, Sculp­tors, Comic Artist, Con­cept Artist, CG Artist, Fine Artists. Anatomy is the struc­tural foun­da­tion, the basis of what make every phys­i­cal char­ac­ters believ­able, be it car­toons or sci-fi mon­sters. Hav­ing a strong ground­ing in the fun­da­men­tal of human form and anatomy is what sep­a­rates you from the rest.

Short Excerpt of DVD


Full Demo Software Collection for Learning Figure drawing and the Human Anatomy ( PC compatible)

3D VFDS Male (Virtual Figure Drawing Studio)

3D VHAS (Virtual Human Anatomy Studio)

3D VFDS Female (Virtual Figure Drawing Studio)

3D FXs (Facial X-pression Studio)

3DVHS (Virtual Hand Studio)

 Product Description and Requirements:

  • Softwares : Any web browser and Flash installed to view video
  • Video Duration : 3 hours 30 minutes and 36 seconds
  • Suitability : Advanced and Beginners.
  • Region : Region Free
  • System : PC or Mac
  • Indexing : Easy Video Navigation by Name
  • Narration : Yes
  • Subtitle : Yes

Printable High Resolution  Human Anatomy Chart


SAVE MORE WITH  DVD + Ecorche Anatomical Model Set

Limited Set : DVD + Ecorche Male Model 

For Limited Set Only DVD + Anatomical Model

US$288.76 Now US$125.99 


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Customer Testimony.

Something i have been looking for!. I like the fact that it is small and easy to carry  around, to my home  as well as to my work place. The details on this is piece is awesome!. I use it extensively when I need references for  human Character Modeling in my work. Definitely a must  🙂  !

Pon Stago –  3D Game CG Artist , NY

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