FREE Video – Sculpting HULK

Video Tutorial 4 : Process Documentary ,Sculpting HULK

Tools and Materials used: Sculpey Firm, Wire End Loop Tool, Metal Ball Stylus, Smoothing Brush and Caliper


Part 1 : Making Armature and Shape Roughing


Part 2: Early Detailing


Part 3: Detailing

Part 4: Refining Details

Part 5: Checking for anatomical Flaws.

Part 6: Using caliper to check symmetry issues and smoothing.

Part 7: Facial Details

Part 8: Veins

Part 9: Fine Wrinkles

Part 10: Hair


Part 11: Fine Wrinkles and Pores




DVD : Sculpting the Ecorche Male

Mastering The Human Anatomy Sculpting DVD

Limited Set : DVD + Ecorche Male Model

DVD + Ecorche Anatomical Set

Versatile Artist Shaping Brush

Metal Caliper

Fine Metal Ball Stylus Tool

Armature Tubes

Armature Wires

Modeling/Epoxy Putty

Professional Metal Ball Sylus

Special Serrated Edge Wire End Loop Tool


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