FREE Video – Sculpting Wolverine


In these time lapsed videos, we will show you how to sculpt Wolverine   from start to finish.

  • Preparing the Clay ( using a mixture of Sulpeys )
  • Measuring the Proportions
  • Making the Armature
  • Roughing out the Form
  • Detailing the Form
  • Sculpting the Torso
  • Sculpting the Head
  • Sculpting the Hair
  • Sculpting the Arms
  • Sculpting the Legs
  • Making the claws


Part 1 : Building the Armature

Part 2: Roughing Out the Form
Part 3: Detailing
Part 4: More Detailing
Part 5: Drapery , Creases and Folds
Part 6: Sculpting the Head

Part 7: Refining the Head
Part 8: Finalizinfg the Head
Part 9: Growing Hair
Part 10: Smoothing Process
Part 11: Hands
Part 12: Claws and Accessories
Part 13: Refining the Arm
Part 14: Adding Veins
Part 15: The End



Template available for download.

Male Proportion

Proportion Variation

Image Gallery




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