8 Piece Set, 16 Heads  for Super Fine Detailing Sculpting Work.

These Professional 8 Piece Set specially made for those who need extra fine detailing work. Used for many applications, create dots, signatures and also sculpting details. Great for blending shapes, and smoothing out surfaces.  The stylus tip is made of hardened steel firmly set in a wood handle. It comes with a total of 16 metal ball sizes.

Ranging from Large to super fine Metal Ball Sylus,allowing creation of  fine and intricate details from micro porse to subtle wrinkles. . Great for sculpting details for the face, feet, hands and etc. Stylus on each end in two sizes to allow better detail work.The tool’s overall length is approximately 4-7/8 inches  .

8 piece set , 16 Metal Balls


1 Set = 8 Pieces



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Complete Sculpting Tool Set Special: Serrated Wire End Loop Tool SET A,B,C,D,E,L,S 12 pc Artist Brush Set + 3pc Metal Ball Stylus


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Bundle Special: Armature Tubes + 3pc Metal Ball Stylus 8"Caliper + 12 pc Brush Set

US69.97 US59.97

Full Set Bundle Special: 8"Caliper + Armature Tubes  + Armature Wires (thick and thin) + 12 pc Brush Set + 8pc Metal Ball Stylus + Epoxy Putty ( half size 100g, Part A and Part B ) 

US$118.13 Now US$99.99



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